Impasse - Exodus 14:2

After leaving Goshen Israel was instructed to camp by the sea.
  They were not happy campers.
  They complained, they murmured, they grumbled.
  While they were saved by grace (that was God’s part) they were not very graceful in that grace.
  They told Moses that he should have “left them alone.”
  Were they not better off as slaves in Egypt?
  I think that if there was ever an example of not being saved “by” faith but rather “through” faith, this is it.
  It is God’s Grace that saves us, not our faith.
  And as if to prove this point, God directed the people to encamp in a spot that was impassable and a situation that was impossible.
  The sea was before them, Pharaoh was behind them, and grass-less ground was beneath their cattle’s feet.
  They did not know where to look for help.
  Certainly it was not in themselves.
  They had no more confidence in Moses.
  They were terrified.
  They needed, as we do when is such dire circumstances, to look up. Salvation is and has always been what God does.
  No matter how bad things may get in the Christian’s life (look around) he may say “things are looking up.”
  That, of course, is where faith always looks and it is from where deliverance comes.

 If you should find yourself between the Devil and the deep blue sea.
  Look up and become what God wants you to be. 

Faith is encamping by the sea
While Pharaoh thunders after me
A Deep wide ocean blocks the way
Faith kneels down in the sand to pray
God, and God alone must save the Day