... to one of the largest online collections of written expository and topical ministry "new and old", by founders and noteworthies of the dispensational and so-called "Plymouth Brethren" movements as well as many others. Great Summary by John Bjorlie here. He has also done many short bios.

The published works of John Nelson Darby and William Kelly, in their entirety were scanned proofed and are searchable (as is all content on the site) and permanently archived here. Hundreds of book covers of books by many authors were cut off and all contents scanned (and photographs charts and illustrations included where possible).

Started in 2004, at present this site is accessed 1600+ times per week by users in over 150 countries.

Dan Snaddon’s rich expositional ministry (originally all handwritten, 2 full file drawers) archive from over 50 years of ministry in Ontario, Florida and Texas are also available. Most of the material was also taken from this site by Irv Risch and converted to audio. His 14,000 audios of ministry (much of it from this site) can be accessed here.

William MacDonalds memorial service and graveside are available on other sites as well as some additional biographical information.

Much loved and used  periodicals such as Ministry in Focus and Food For the Flock hosted here - in their entirety.

Just as the Bereans in Acts 17:11, search and use the Scripture as the absolute and final authority for what is accepted as the truth.

Kevin Engle started this site in 2004 and is currently dealing with health challenges (CIDP/autoimmune) along with his wife Cheryl (stage 3 cancer diagnosis in Dec 2018).