Death for Dummies - id

for Dummies

Democrats seem to have a death wish. Oh, not for themselves, but for many others. They loath conservatives, along with the “Ever-Trumpers,” and “Bible Thumpers.” Democrats seem to be scared to death of death. Most people try to avoid it. That’s a good idea. Nobody wants to die. They, however, live with an irrational fear of death. Ironically, they have become the party of death. Yes, the Democrat Party has a death wish. Death to common sense, death to reason, death to fetal life, and to fertile liberty. They have sent freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion to the gallows. They wish death on their political opponents, openly wishing death on the President, his supporters, and more and more these days, on the freedom of thought itself. Their “Thought Police,” are on college campuses, and ready to incapacitate, incarcerate, or incinerate any who oppose their dream of a “New World Order.” The Democrat Party is the Abortion party. If they had their own Mt. Rushmore, it would Include the faces of Darwin, Freud, and Marx. These three have done more harm than the Corona virus to destroy the body, soul and spirit of all mankind. Democrat-controlled Hollywood hates the God of the Bible. The Democrat-controlled media hates the Bible. They mock Moses and mimic Mao. They Believe in evolution, natural selection and “survival of the fittest,” yet have a fit if only the fittest survive. Sigmund Fraud [sic] turned “talk therapy” into a business in which millions have spent billions on empty snake oil bottles filled with hot air. God loves everyone regardless of their politics or crazy ideas. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” The Bible also says, “It is appointed unto man, once to die and after that, the judgment.” That’s not hate speech, its just the expiration date on the milk carton of life. 

Jesus Christ was no Democrat. To be fair, neither was he a Republican. 
What he was was the founder of the New, Abundant, and Eternal Life Party, otherwise known as the Church. Jesus Christ faced death head on and came to solve the death problem. Hiding from death is not life. Hiding in attics or in mental concentration camps of indefinite confinement won’t make the Nazis of Nihilism go away. Even if you avoid starving to death during this pandemic (no thanks to them), they will come after you in the middle of the next plague. They will force you to drink the cool-aid of political conformity, or vaccinate you with some bat virus vaccine, or make you pay dearly. When someone is fueled by fear, they are fooled by fear. Keep your irrational rat vaccine of fear. No Thanks. I am immune to your hatred and from the fever of hating you. Democrat or Republican, refusing the cure for fear, hate, and death, makes you a spiritual dummy. I have been cured by faith in the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, who died once for all. Through simple free faith in Him, he has shown me how to live, how to die, and by his grace, how to live with Him forever. -id