A Man of Substance - Hebrews 11:1

How’s your faith doing these days? While faith is not something you can put in a box or something you can see, the Bible teaches that if it is real it will have substance and evidence. Lot’s of people say they have faith, but there is no substance to it, and there is precious little evidence.  I once knew a child who had an imaginary friend. They used to play together and as far as I could tell,they were together a lot. But I never saw any evidence, and from what I could tell, there was no substance.

There is plenty of evidence when faith is real. As with the resurrection of Jesus according to Acts 1 there were "many infallible proofs."

I can not see the wind. It is invisible. Yet, many times I see the evidence and I have often "felt" the substance. The proofs of faith are manifested in conviction, confidence, kindness, and courage, just to name a few of them. As a matter of fact, it is hard to hide real faith. Real faith has feet. Not only does it have feet that move or stay on the word of some inaudible command, it has hands that serve, ears that listen, and a heart that sings. Jesus said no man lighteth a candle and putteth it under a bushel, but rather on a candlestick so it giveth light to all that are in the house."

There is a fire in my soul
Like a sun that rose to shine
An altar with a burning coal
Stirred by Christ my LORD Divine