Train Wrecks and Loco Motives - Matthew 22:29

"Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God." Matt. 22:29

Have you noticed the recent rash of train wrecks? In California, a suicidal man parked his SUV in the path of an oncoming train, and then changed his mind. He left the tracks (that’s rational), but neglected to take his vehicle with him (that’s irrational). Ten people died. There were two recent derailments, one to the south and the other to the north of us.

Sometimes it takes a train wreck to get our attention. We would be surprised to learn what dangerous cargos pass through our neighborhoods every day. When deadly chemicals spill into the atmosphere, pollute the waterways, or contaminate the environment, people’s lives are in danger. Whenever this happens it is proper to call for an investigation.

Many train wrecks are caused by what is called "human error." May God save us all from "human error." When someone fails to see a warning light, or becomes drowsy while at the throttle, or inattentive, disasters can happen.

Some people are pulling boxcar-loads of emotionally hazardous materials right through the center of our lives, or crisscross through our spiritual rail yards every day. May God save us from "human error" or needless accidents, and keep us on track. Many a life and many a church has been derailed in religious train wrecks. Sometimes innocents are injured. Sometimes whole neighborhoods need to be evacuated. Sometimes the "clean up" is expensive and costly. Sometimes the toxic fumes of bad behavior fill the air. Sometimes, attitudes that are highly acidic bring tears to the eyes. Sometimes, a maniac stubbornly parks his opinions or preferences on the track and runs away just before the impact. The result is the same. People suffer.


What are the hazardous materials we should avoid? What cargos must we refuse to carry? Paul said, "Let bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you." Refuse to speak angry or unkind words. They are spiritually toxic. They "grieve" God. Don’t waste time hating those who caused or "enjoy" watching wrecks. Just help the injured. Help set the wheels back on track. Determine, that you will know both the Word, and the Power necessary for the journey. Get back on board. We are on our way to heaven. In Eph. 4:32 Paul tells us how to stay on track. He advises us to proceed with "kindness, compassion, and forgiveness."

There were those who wanted to argue with the Lord Jesus about marriage, and heaven and the law of Moses (Matt.22). The Master did not waste time with those who tried to get Him off track. He said, "ye do err…" Stay on track and stay away from those with Loco Motives.