Panting - Psalm 42:1

The word is the water that fills the spiritual wells from which faith must drink. I almost said "may" drink, but that would suggest that faith had a choice. It does not. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God." It cannot survive without this special water.

If the hart does not find water, it will die.
  The just shall live by faith and faith cannot live without this most important element, the Word.
  As the hart pants after the brook, the heart must pant after the Book.

When Cherith runs dry we must set off to Zarepath. When the heavens withhold the rain and brooks cease to bubble and babble over the rocks we must bow and pray. The panting prayer of a thirsty soul will not go unheard.

Dry sermons, dry churches and dry preachers parch the soul, rather than refresh it.
  Jesus had a physical need.  He was never found in need spiritually.  He is God and, while on earth, was filled with the Spirit.  Woe to the man who must ask another to "give me to drink" (Jn. 4:7), when the water needed is spiritual.
  Woe to the saint who must rely on some sinner to lead him to the water.
  While we enjoy gifted men who have long cords which they use to draw when the wells are "deep," woe to the heart that cannot find God's word and God's brook.

Look for the Shepherd.
  He will lead you "beside still waters."
  Pant as you follow and then lift your cupped hands to your lips that faith may drink full of God's living water.

Unless you pant
I'm afraid you can't
ever find that brook

 For as the hart
shall do it's part
Faith must find
God's Book