Don't Play Games With God - Matthew 27:22

John would not play their religious games, and now Jesus would not play either.
  Life is too short and death is too serious.

The Jewish leaders were playing games with Pilate.
  They brought Jesus into his court and demanded that he try him and condemn him.
  Pilate was forced to answer the most important question of his life.
  It is the same question every man must answer.
  “What shall I do with Jesus?” (Mt. 27:22).


Pilate tried his “three lifelines” but they each failed him:
  the 50/50, ask the audience, and call a friend.

In verse 17 the 50/50 does not help.
  In v. 20-21 he polls the audience, but they were coached to give the wrong answer.
  His third lifeline was to ask a friend.
  He should have listened to his wife (verse 19) but instead he was more concerned about what Caesar would say (John 19:12).


Pilate ran out of lifelines.
  He also ran out of time.
  He made the biggest mistake of his life. All the water in all the world could not wash away the stain of the guilt.
  History gives some evidence that Pilate committed suicide sometime between 37AD and 41AD during the reign of Gaius.
  If he did or not, what we do know is that he missed the most important question on life’s greatest test.
  “What shall I do with Jesus?”