Risen - Matthew 28:6

"He is not here.
  He is Risen.
  As He said." Matt. 28:6

 Splitting the Atom was nothing compared to the impact these words have had on the world.

The earth rotates on its axis.
  Christianity revolves on this text.
  No more Cross, now the Crown.

How fitting that an angel would preach this sermon.
  He is not here, he is risen as he said.

 He is not Here.
  Death could not keep its prey.
  The prison door is open.
  Christ sets the captive free.
  Oh death where is thy sting?
  What happiness, what hope, what hallelujahs are here.

 He is Risen.
  The Vindication.
  “Peter, put away your sword.”
  The Christ does not need us to fight his battles.
  “Pilate, be silent.
  You have no power, except what is given you from above.”
  Let everyone who mocked him tremble.
  He is Risen.

 As He Said.
  The Validation.
  Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will not pass away.
  Once the One who was the Truth had spoken there was no force known or unknown that could keep that word from coming to pass.
  As He Said.
  Let us rush to his other words and drink them from the cup of the Father’s will.
  The Scriptures cannot be broken.