Of God - John 1:13

"Which were born , not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." John 1:13

Here is the mystery of the New Birth.
  Here we find the genius and the genetics of salvation.
  It's not of blood.
  That is biology. It's not of the will of the flesh.
  That is psychology.
  It's not of the will of man.
  That is sociology.

It's not of blood or biology.
  Science is trying to save us.
  While science may help us live a little longer it can not really make us live a little better.
  Science can break a man down to the very strands of DNA but it cannot find salvation in the genes.
  Instead of reading genes, man had better read Genesis.
  Biology is not the answer.

It's not of the will of the flesh or psychology.
  Another way of saying "will of the flesh" is will power.
  Will power never saved anyone from the grave.
  Man's will is damaged.
  It wants the wrong things.
  If self will o (will of the flesh) could save, then salvation is just a matter of turning over a new leaf.
  No, salvation is more than a new leaf; it is a new life.

It's not of the will of man or sociology.
  There are many well meaning people who try to save others from the outside in, but that does not work.
  They clean him up and give him a new set of clothes.
  The sinner is the same, even in a new suit.

 But of God.
  If God does not work nothing happens.
  Oh, may God work in your life today.

It's not my blood or my noble birth
That will take my soul to glory
But Christ's shed
  blood that has the worth
And that's the Gospel story