In Love - John 11:36

“Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him,”
  John 11:36

 While those who witnessed the sight of Jesus weeping could not possibly have understood the depth of his sadness, they arrived at a correct conclusion.
  “Behold how he loved him.”
  Lazarus would know the power and the magnetism of that love.
  It called him out of the darkness of death back into life and the light of day.
  Then love ordered his “loosed” and then love led him.
  Notice where love led him in chapter 14.

 “…Lazarus….whom he raised from the dead…sat at the table with him.”
  Love takes us from a tomb to a table.
  From that day forward I am sure the desire of Lazarus’ heart was to be “with him.”
  That is the goal.

That is the point.
  That is God’s will, to be “with him.”

We have come a long way.
  We have come from tears, from the tomb, to a table, and are on our way to bow before his throne.
  The whole point of going to heaven is to be “with him.”
  Those who have no desire to be with him here, also have no real desire to be with him there.

The proof that Jesus loves us in not seen in that he cried, rather it is seen in that he died.
  “Behold, how he loved [us].
  Remember the empty tomb and remember how he showed
  that he loved us.
  I Come to his table and show that
  I love him.

Stepping from the darkness
after he hath called me forth

Watch his footsteps that all may clearly trace
  path from the darkened death-filled tomb
To a
  table sweet and a sweeter place
Where Lord of life through death has made him room
He takes a seat with him this Lord of Grace