Dwelling - Ephesians 3:17

"That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith…"
 Eph. 3:17

How can the God that made the universe fit within this tiny sphere of the human heart?
  How can the Lord of all, of Heaven and earth, and things under the earth, dwell in such a little space you ask?
  The answer is, by faith.

 Faith does not make God smaller, it makes us bigger.
  Large is the soul that would welcome such a guest.
  Small is the person and the life that turns him away.
  Faith throws open the door, and wide the gate to "Let the King of glory come in."

 The widow who made room for God by faith, and was willing to give her last little handful of meal (1Ki. 17:15) to the prophet
  saw her store increase.
  Faith lets God in, and when God comes in a man he is always larger.

 When we fill our minutes with God's word those minutes are not wasted.
  The one who gives God his time finds he does not have less of it, but more.
  "In the beginning," John says "was the Word."

We are also told that "the Word was with God."
  When the Word is with us, then we are with God.
   Faith makes room for the Almighty.


Of all the places God could dwell
He would dwell within my heart
And if He does my life will tell
  faith is the way to start