Help - Luke 1:37

"For with God nothing shall be impossible"
Luke 1:37

Here is hope.
  If anyone is looking for it bring them


to this grand canyon and marvel at the depth.
  Bring them to

the sands of this shore, study the word "nothing" and be


  by the vastness and breadth of
  this horizon. To look

up at its height you must tilt your spiritual neck far back.

 The world talks about faith.
  It has taken this text and cut out the


  The world has taken this text and turned it into a philosophy.

Many preach a kind of positive thinking and a kind of faith that says

"nothing is impossible."
  That is a lie.
  Stores are filled with "Self-Help"

books that teach if you can think it you can do it.

 The world still does not understand the secret of real faith.
  It is in


the words "with God."
  "With God nothing shall be impossible."

Take "with God" out of the text and man is left with Hype not Hope.

But bring God into the situation, bring God into the life, and we like


Mary must declare "be unto me according to thy word."

It matters not how hard the thing

Or how
  impossible the task

With God as my both Lord and King

I can do all that he shall ask