Check the Flow - Luke 8:44

"Stanched" in
  Luke 8:44

 If the life of the flesh is in the blood, the woman pushing through the throng was dying with every step.
 For twelve years she had carried this heavy burden.
  Her health was spent and the Scripture tells us that so was any wealth she might have had, which she gave to physicians.
  None could heal her.
  She did her best to draw close to Jesus.
  Then with one "trembling" touch she touched him.

 In the Subways of New York City, next to the glistening tracts of steel, and sheathed by a wooden canopy is a third rail.
  That is how the train gets its power.
  It has none of its own.
  A little foot (or hand) reaches out and rides this ribbon of electricity bring the railroad car to life.

 This woman in Luke, did not think she had actually touched him directly.
  She touched the hem of his garment, but he said "who touched me?"
  Each day we reach out to touch the Almighty.
  We say that we have not actually touched him.
  We say we have only touched his book.
  We might not feel it immediately, but he does.
  Each time we take up the sacred collection of his words he know it.
  And he knows our need.
  Each time we reach out and touch the third rail "power" is gone out of [him] and we are strengthened.
  Each day we touch it, we touch him, and when we do, we are energized and empowered by his grace. Through grace, first we find the power to stop; second, we find the power to go.