Good Liar - Genesis 3:5b

"ye shall be as gods" Gen. 3:5b

 That’s a lie.  Satan is a liar and the father of lies.  I am sad to say that he is also a “good” liar.  By that I mean, no one is better at lying than him.  He is has honed lying into a craft and is supreme in the art of lying.  A good liar must win your trust.  He must convince you that you can trust him.  Is not this ironic?  God is the one who deserves our trust.  Faith is simply trusting God.  It is at this very point that Satan is so diabolical.  He gets us to believe him and trust him, and he sells us his cheap “knock-off” versions of the truth.  His watches are gold plated.  They look as good as solid gold and can be had for so much less.  He is quick to point out that God’s things “cost too much.”  He is so believable that millions have bought his timepieces and yet never know just how late it really is.

 Satan is a liar.  No one can be as God.  We are dust.  Yes, we are more than beast, but less than angel.  God is the only one who is good.  There is none good no not one.  Satan may be a “good” liar, but he is not good.  To be as God is to know everything, to be self-existent, to be all-powerful.  To be as God is to be before all things, to be light, and life, and love.  We may taste and see that the LORD is good, but even Paul said “in [us] (that is apart from God) there dwelleth no good thing.” 

 Satan’s wares are more expensive than you think.  The gold plate wears off fast.  His golden rings leave green bands around our fingers, and they cost too much.  Even if we did not have to put any money down, he will make sure that we pay the uttermost farthing.  He is a liar.  When we see how much each sin costs we know we have paid too much.  There are always hidden costs, user fees, shipping charges, balloon interest payments, and the bills are in the mail.

 Don’t fall for his smooth talking.  Stay away from his shopping cart.  Run back to the Living WORD.  Run back to Jesus.  There may be such a thing as a “good liar,” but there is no such thing as a “good lie.”  "Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."  If people knew what was “good” for them they would  not give Satan's things a second look.  All that glitters is not golden.  The Philosopher warns us, “let the buyer beware.”  We would say, “let the buyer from the liar beware.”  Truth may cost us more now, but a lie will always cost much more later.  “Buy the truth and sell it not” (Prov. 23:23). 

  When we don’t believe what someone is telling us, we say “I don’t buy it.”  Never buy from a liar.  Had the Devil been a "bad" liar Eve would never had "bought it."  Satan is a "good liar."  We can however believe God and buy every word He says.  We must compare every word with God's Word.   Jesus does not promise us we shall "be as gods."  He does promise us that if we place our trust in Him we can be "children of God."  There is a big difference.  When we believe something is worth it, we are willing to pay.  The truth may appear to cost the martyr much, but Jesus said every cup of cold water given in his name shall “have its reward.”  Jesus paid it all.  Christ pays for everything He orders, and that’s the Truth.