Good - Genesis 1:4

“And God saw the light, that it was good…” Gen. 1:4

 People talk about the “good ole days.”
  Well, here it is, the original good old day.
  On the first day, when God made the light, the Bible certifies that “it was good.”
  As a matter of fact, the second, third and each day of creation was also pronounced as being good.
  Then on the sixth day God made the animals and lastly he made man, and God announced “it was very good.”
  Yes, these were the “good ole days.”
  The seventh day was good also.
  It was the day God rested and he set for us an example and a precedent.
  It is good to rest on the Sabbath.
  It is good for us.
  It is good for others.
  It is, well, it is just good, that’s all.

 Sin messed everything up.
  Ever since Eve was sweet-talked and flattered into thinking everyone should take turns being God, things have been a mess.
  There is little we can do to fix all the woe caused by one selfish act, but there is hope.
   When each human being becomes tired of how “bad” things are they each can return to a good God who can make bad things good.
  The book of Acts describes the life of Jesus (God Incarnate) as “going about doing good” Acts 10:38.
  This is another example God has left for me.

 If more of us “went about doing good” today we would have more “good ole days” to remember.