Leave Me Alone! - Exodus 14:12

“Leave us alone.”

 Most people think they
  want to be “left alone.”
  That is the way the Hebrews felt when they were slaves in Egypt.
  People can get used to anything.
  Even believers like things pretty much as they are.

We want to be comfortable.
  We don’t want to be bothered.
  Well, the job of a good preacher is to refuse to “leave people alone.”
  “Woe unto them,” said Amos “who are at ease at Zion.”
   Church pews are easy-chairs, and once seated, the saints get pretty much “set in their ways.”
  The problem with that is the Christian life is a “walk” not a “sit.”

 Again and again God sent his messengers to remind people that life is a journey and a journey means things will change.
  If the scenery does not change it’s because you are not going anywhere.
  We are to encourage, challenge, exhort, help, and sometimes even rebuke, but we are not to leave each other alone.
   When the Glory Cloud moved in the wilderness the people had to follow.
  Tent pegs must be deep enough, but not too deep.
  Spiritual growth means change.
  Some people think holiness means staying and living in the past. The Bee hive hair-do, or polyester pants suits might have been the rage when you got saved, but they have absolutely nothing to do with salvation or godliness.
  Some people are stuck in a spiritual rut and they don’t want to get out.

 Good ministry will not leave people alone.
  A good minister sows good seed, but is not satisfied until there is a harvest, fruit and more fruit.
  When Jesus encountered a unclean (bad) spirit in Mark 1:24 that spirit used the same words as the sorry saints in Exodus “Leave us alone.”

 I am glad God did not let us alone.