Living Proof - John 6:6

And this he said to prove him, for he himself knew what he would do." Jn. 6:6

 Sometimes the teacher writes a hard problem on the blackboard.
  He calls us to the front of the class and hands the chalk.
  We are abut to be tested.
  What have we learned?

What had Philip learned from all those days and nights with Jesus?
  What had he learned at the Pool of Bethesda or by the well at Sychar.
  What had he learned at the wedding at Cana when the water was turned into wine?


Philip was still having problems with his multiplication tables.
  Christ knew the answer.
  He could and would solve the problem.
  When God rings the bell (School or Dinner) we need only show up and take our seat in the classroom or at the table.
  Christ can fill our mind, our heart, or our plate.


If you are pondering over some difficult problem you find impossible to answer.
  In faith and humility hand the Master the chalk and ask him to show you "what he would do."

How often I have failed
to pass some living test
To trust though faith assailed
letting God then do what's best

  It's not my blood or my noble birth
That will take my soul to glory
But Christ's shed
  blood that has the worth
And that's the Gospel story