How Much? - Luke 3:2

"…the word of God came unto John, the son of Zacharias, in the wilderness." Lk. 3:2

Preacher, How much are you willing to pay for God's word? I was a newspaper delivery boy. Not everyone was. I used to deliver the World Telegram and Sun, a Brooklyn afternoon newspaper. Rain or shine, snow or hale I never remember delivery being cancelled. I rode my bike and when that was impossible, I walked. I was never driven. Not everyone on a street got a paper, only a few here and there who subscribed. I delivered to over one hundred special people. They, my customers, paid a price to get the afternoon news. It was my job to see that they got it.

God has given me the good news. There are thousands all around who have not subscribed to it, nor have any interest in receiving it.

Even many Christians do not realize that although the final word was typeset in eternity and published thousands of years ago, it is fresh and new every day. It is living and powerfully dynamic, rich and relevant, and as up to date at the last news television broadcast. But more than that, it is personal. It is not man's word, but God's word delivered to those who wish to subscribe to it and pay the price. The preacher who wishes to have God's word to proclaim on Sunday must be up early on Monday and everyday eagerly awaiting some news from heaven and anxious to pour over the pages of God's timely, but eternal word.

When the word was delivered in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar a messenger all the way from heaven was winding his way through the traffic, congestion, and chaos of politics and commerce to deliver a message called the Word. He did not stop at Caesar's house, nor Pontius Pilate's, nor Herod's. He did not stop in Ithraea to see Philip, nor at Annas' and Caiapha's place of business. All of these were, in the world's eyes, important people. No, God's word went into the wilderness and was delivered to John. It came to John because he was ready and willing to receive it and he had paid a price. God will gladly place you on the route for morning, afternoon and evening delivery if you are willing to pay the price.