Rivers of Living Water

John 7:38-39

“He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.

But this spake he of the Spirit, which they which believed in him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given; because Jesus was not yet glorified.”

“What is it to be filled with the Spirit?”

The Lord answers, It is to have “Rivers of water flowing” from ones soul.

1. The universality of the promise “He that believeth.”

This experience is not for the Spiritual Aristocracy but to him that “believeth.”

2. Shall flow “RIVERS.”

Not a brook—stream—river—but “RIVERS.”

Could it be said of “you” that these Divine, Spirit begotten “RIVERS” of “LIVING WATERS” are flowing through you.

3. These waters are “FLOWING.”

They are “flowing” as the natural result of the well of living water within us.

The “freedom,” “freshness” and “spontaneity” of these flowing rivers from our heart is the result of the power of an “ungrieved” and “unquenched” Spirit.

In John 3:7 we have “LIFE” in its beginnings Born again.

In John 4:14 we have “LIFE ABUNDANTLY,” “a well of water springing up.”

The secret of this perennial upspringing is in the word “DRINKETH,” i.e. takes a drink, and keeps on drinking, that man never thirsts.

John 15 Abiding in Him. Fruit—more fruit—much fruit.

Many of us are living in John 3, we have “LIFE” but it is not strong, virile, vital, vigorous life, we suffer from deficient vitality.

The Lord wants us to be in the 4th of John enjoying “LIFE ABUNDANT.”

Illustration—Hagar. Genesis 21:14.

Abraham gave her a “BOTTLE OF WATER” and sent her away.

As she wandered in the wilderness, Verse 15, “the water was spent in the bottle.”

Abraham gave her a Bottle—God gave her a well.

In Verse 19 “God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water.”

All we can give you is a Bottle—Temporary. God can give you of the “Well,” the Fullness of the Spirit.

Are you a “Bottle” Christian or a “Well” Christian?

It is a painful experience wandering in the wilderness with an empty bottle and a dying child. Spiritual death.

This well is within each of us given by God, and fed from the everlasting hills of God. My heart is indicting a good matter.

Is it springing up? Is it flowing out? Or is it choked or clogged with the luggage and rubbish of life?

Because of those things the flow is checked and we are reduced in our effectiveness in service to dependence upon a bottle.

May our God, today, by the hammer of the Word break every “bottle” and open our eyes to see the “well.”

Let us now contrast the “well” of chapter 4 with the “rivers” of chapter 7.

The “well” is for the supply of all possible “local” needs. Individual needs. The “rivers” would be for the “surrounding” needs.

The “well” springs up.

The “rivers” flow out.

Rivers of “LIVING” water, bringing blessing—salvation—satisfaction and gladness.

This comes through our consecrated service, and as we are “filled with the Holy Spirit.”

John 3. The “indwelling.”

John 4. The “infilling.”

John 7. The “overflowing.”