John 16

The disciples warned of persecutions to come. Describe these as found in the early church period Paul the Persecutor—they hated him after his conversion.

The Middle Ages—Dark Ages in the name of religion man believers were murdered.

The future will bring another fulfillment of the words of the Lord.

The Great Tribulation

Those who believe Christ to be the Messiah will be martyred again.

The Lord told of His departure. His disciples were so overcome with sorrow that none of them asked, Whither goest thou? Verse 5. Cp Peter walking on the sea. Disciples in the boat. See 1 Corinthians 10:13.

This introduces the truth of the coming of the Spirit and illustrates His work in the unbeliever and also in the believer.

Describe this.

Verse 16 Three interpretations.

1. Cross and resurrection.

2. Cross and the Second Advent.

3. Cross and the Coming of the Comforter.

Verse 20 Verily-verily

The disciples sorrow at the time of his death.

But that sorrow will be burned into joy at His resurrection.

Verse 21 Illustrates this

We, in this age, may have sorrow etc. but when we see Him in glory we shall rejoice. We also shall forget the past.

Verse 22 I will see you again—in coming glory.

Verse 23 In that day—of His return.

Ask—no questions.

The first sentence of Verse 23 should be added to Verse 22.

Verse 24 The second sentence of Verse 23 should go with Verse 24.

Our mode of prayer after the advent of the Holy Spirit.

“In my name.” Christ as Mediator.

The saintly Gerhard spoke of prayer as follows.

The benefit of prayer is so great that it cannot be expressed.

Prayer is the dove, which, when sent out, returns again, bringing with it the olive leaf, namely peace of heart.

Prayer is the golden chain which God holds fast, and lets not go until He blesses.

Prayer is Moses’ rod, which brings forth the water of consolation out of the rock of salvation.

Prayer is Samson’s jawbone, which smites down our enemies.

Prayer is David’s harp, before which the evil spirit flies.

Prayer is the key to heavens treasures.

Verses 25-33 Records the final words in the memorable discourse of our Lord, preceding His intercessory prayer.

He had spoken to them in proverbs or figures.

All this would be changed, when He would show them the Father.

When would this be? When the Holy Spirit came.

Think of the revelation that we have received.

Galatians 4:6. Romans 8:15-16.

Verse 28 Please note this verse. Quote.

This is a most important declaration.

It is a summary of the teaching of John’s gospel.

It contains all the great facts of His Person, His Glory, and His Work.

Here we see (1) His Deity; He came forth from the Father.

(2) His Incarnation; He came into the world.

(3) His life on earth; (3) His leaving the world presupposes His sacrificial death and resurrection.

(4) His going back to the Father; His Ascension and glorification.

Verse 29-30 The disciples understood somewhat of what He spoke to them.

Verse 32 Foretells the desertion of the Lord by His disciples.

How that He would be left alone, humanly speaking but His Father would be with Him.

Verse 33 His closing words: Peace and victory in Christ.