John 4

The typical significance of our Lord’s actions.

He left Judeo, and Jerusalem, which foreshadows the setting aside of Jerusalem which rejected Him.

His going into Samaria for two days to

1. Bring the message of salvation to the outcasts

2. To reveal Himself in the fullness of grace.

This is typical of what would happen after Jerusalem rejected Him, the Gospel was preached to the Gentiles.

Then comes the third day, when He reached Galilee, He is received, heals the nobleman’s son, which foreshadows the restoration of Israel at the Lord’s coming.

Sychar = “Shechem”

Jacob and Moses each found his wife beside a well of water; here we see this Divine Antitype, the Bridegroom taking to Himself His alien spouse at a well likewise.

The Lord’s request “Give me to drink” Verse 7.

Please note: “Soulwinning”

1. The graciousness of the Lord.

2. His marvelous condescension.

3. His great wisdom in not forcing religion upon his and not instantly rebuking him for his sin.

4. It was an extremely tactful approach.

Verse 10 “Living Water” Speaking of the Spirit.

See Chapter 7. Living water is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

“He who drinketh of the water shall never thirst” or “in no way thirst forever.”

Verse 14 The Holy Spirit is in the believer’s a “well” of water springing up into eternal life.

The Holy Spirit in the believers should satisfy all his needs for communion and worship, and become an inexhaustless source of joy and peace. If the spring flows unhindered, thirst after other things cease.

Out “unbelief” hinders this ideal state.

Verse 21 Worship the Father is nowhere mentioned in the O.T.

The “Father seeketh” etc. only mention true worshippers.

“Worship” what is it?

It is true that we are saved to serve, but we are also saved to worship.

If we worship right we will serve right. Its rightful place.

In this story we have revealed the

Mercy of Lord—That he should take up such an one.

Wisdom of Lord—In dealing with this sinful soul.

Patience of Lord—In bearing with his ignorance.

Power of Lord—In drawing her to Himself.

And I if I be lifted up will draw all unto me. 12:32.

The woman’s witness—Left her water pot—testified in the city—many believed. Verse 39.

The statements of the Lord.

Verse 32 I have must to eat that ye know not of.

Verse 34 My meat is to do the will of him that sent me and to finish his work. See John 17:4.

The abundant harvest. Verse 35-39. Psalm 126.

Tamud two day in Samaria, then on to Galilee where he was received.