John 18

The brook Kedron = the black torrent.

David passed over this same brook, weeping, after Absalom rebelled against him. 2 Samuel 15:23

David’s Lord, yet his root and offering went across the same brook, where in agony He offered up prayers, and supplications with strong crying and tears. Hebrews 5:7

Immediately on crossing the brook they were in the Garden of Gethsemane.

It was in a garden where the fall of man took place, and our Lord’s entrance into the garden marks the commencement of His great sacrificial work as the seed of the woman.

Verse 2 Judas knew this sacred place, and for 30 pieces of silver betrayed the Lord, leading the band of soldiers to the place. Verse 3

Describe briefly the miracle.

The action of Peter.

One can hardly reconcile the action of Peter, here, with his concurrent actions. See Verses 15-27.

Verse 12-14 They did not require to bind Him.

Had they known who he was—would they have bound Him?

They led Him away—Isaiah 53.

Annas was the Jewish High Priest.

Caiaphus was appointed by the Roman Procurator.

Consider his statement in John 11:49-51.

It was the voice of the politician—also the voice of God.

Verse 15-27 One must admire Peter in some ways. He and John followed the Lord (afar off). The other disciples had fled.

Hear Him speak, Chapter 13:36-37.

See Him fight, Chapter 18:10-11.

See Him follow, Chapter 18:15.

Peter loved the Lord—He wants to see what will happen to Him but does not want to speak or fight for Him anymore.

Because he chose the middle of the road—because he chose to compromise (Verse 18)—the enemy swept him off his feet and he fell into grievous error. Describe this, Peter’s denial. Verse 17, Verse 25, Verse 26-27.

We may all take a lesson from this.

Verse 19 Annas asks as to His disciples and His doctrine.

Verse 20-21 The Lords answer. An epitome spoken in dignity.

These questions were unnecessary. He taught openly in the synagogue—His disciples were with Him—they had sent people to listen to Him—never a man spoke like this man.

Verse 22 One of the court officers, enraged by our Lord’s dignity and with the truth of His answer, struck Jesus a blow on the face. The first recorded during His passion.

Verse 23 Is the dignified, calm and perfect answer to his assailant. Quote.

Peter’s description of this. See 1 Peter 2:21-25

Jesus Before Pilate

John passes over much of the trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin and before Caiaphus.

John concentrates more on the trial before Pilate.

These events took place relentlessly throughout the night.

They pushed mercilessly through with this trial.

It was early, Verse 28, when they brought Him before Pilate, that is it was between daybreak and sunrise.

They themselves would not enter into the judgment hall lest they be defiled (Verse 28) and be disqualified form eating the Passover. Selah!!!

Pilate found no fault in this man, Verse 38.

Pilate wanted to release Him, Verses 39-40.

The people, coerced by the rulers, cried out, “Not this man but Barabbas.”

The prayer of the Lord contains seven requests.

1. The Lord asks that He may be glorified, Verse 1.

2. He asks for the restoration of His eternal glory, Verse 5.

3. He asks for the safety of believers, Verse 11

    A. From the work, 1 John 2:15-17

    B. From the evil one Verse 15, 1 John 5:19.

4. He asks for the sanctification of believers, Verse 17. 1 Thessalonians 4:3 Set apart to God—from evil things and ways. Holy Spirit.

5. He asks for the spiritual unity of believers with one another and with God, Verse 21-23.

6. He asks that the world may believe, Verse 21.

7. He asks that the believers may be with Him in heaven to behold and share his glory, Verse 24.

Verse 18 The Christian’s mission—Sent into the world “As the Father hath sent me even so send I you” John 20:21.

Verse 24 Christ’s prayer for us—To be with Him—to behold His glory.

John’s account of the arrest of the Lord varies considerably from that of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

They speak of the agony in the Garden.

Luke alone reports the blood-like sweat—restoring the ear of Malchus.

John passes over all this, he is not so much concerned with the manhood of the Lord as with the glory of the Christ, the Son of God. Judas’ Betrayal See Psalm 54:12-14. Judas’ kiss.

John alone records the incident of Verse 4 thru 6.

Shows the real character of the Lord—His Power—His Grace.

Verse 10 Simon Peter getting in the way again—Get thee behind me Satan. Peter possibly meant to kill Malchus—The Lord restored his ear.

Verse 11 The Lord’s determination to drink the cup of God’s wrath; sin against.

Verses 12-14 Annas was the Jews High Priest but was deposed in favor of Caiaphus by the Romans.

Verses 15-24 Peter’s denial of the Lord.

Followed afar off—He loved the Lord.