John 11

7th sign in the realm of works.

5th sign in the realm of words.

I am the Resurrection and the life, Verse 25.

Verse 4 This sickness is for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified.

This is the greatest demonstration of Christ’s love and sympathy and glory.

This final miracle was the incontrovertible proof of His Messiahship.

Verse 8-9 The disciples were concerned for His safety. He spoke a proverb to them. The meaning being a man works 12 hours during the day. He doesn’t stumble or fall for the way is perfectly clear. Now says the Lord, this is my working day. They cannot touch my life—my time is not yet come. He walked with certainty as a man walking in the sunshine.

Verse 15 To the intent, that ye might Believe.

The meeting of Martha and the Lord. Verse 20.

Contrast the meeting of Mary. Verse 32. Service Worship.

We can be too busy.

Verse 27 She did not really believe. See Verse 39.

The great statements of Verses 25-26.

The resurrections Chapter 5:28-29.

Verse 28 The Master is come and calleth for thee.

Verse 29 Quote—for salvation. Prison Camp experience.

Laodecean Church. Revelations 3. To think that the Master was here and I refused him the key.

The actual miracle.

Loose Him and let him go.

Verse 45 Many believed on Him.

Will you believe?