John 2

The marriage in Cana. The home of Nathaniel.

The first miracle is “Sign.”

John wrote n A.D. 90. This was the last of the Gospels to be written.

The Synoptic Gospels wrote the life story of Christ, although its events recorded are not in chronological order.

John wrote for a different reason—found in Chapter 20:30-31.

“Signs” “Selection” “Significance.”

In the N.T. three words designate the supernatural. “Powers” “Wonders” “Signs.”

A Sign then is something that proves something else.

These Signs chosen by John were Selected and Significant in the fact that they proved Christ to be the Son of God without question.

The Signs

(1) Turning water into wine

Chapter 2


(2) Healing the noblemen’s son

Chapter 4

Pre Resurrection

(3) Curing of the Bethesda paralytic

Chapter 5


(4) Feeding of the five thousand

Chapter 6


(5) Walking on the Sea of Galilee

Chapter 6


(6) Giving sight to the blind man

Chapter 9


(7) Raising of Lazarus

Chapter 11

Past Resurrection

(8) Miraculous drought of fishes

Chapter 21

Note also the I AM’s of John. “I AM” is the Greek expression for the Divine name I AM. See Ex. 4.

1. I Am the Bread of life.

Chapter 6.

2. I Am the Light of the world.

Chapter 8.

3. I Am the Door.

Chapter 10.

4. I Am the Good Shepherd.

Chapter 10.

5. I Am the Resurrection and Life.

Chapter 11.

6. I Am the Way—Truth—Life

Chapter 14.

7. I Am the Love Vine.

Chapter 15.

Verse 3 Many acquaints Jesus with the fact that this was no wine.

Verse 4 Woman what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come. Woman what have you to do with me? These words were spoken to remind her that from henceforth he would not act under her orders or requests, his subjection to his parents as such was over.

The first day—Verse 35. The disciples followed Jesus. Behold the Lamb of God etc., this testifies the Lord gathered the church around Him.

The second day—Verse 43. Nathaniel believes a picture of the Jewish remnant.

The third day—Chapter 2:1. Israel restored unto her former relationship with God.

Verse 12. From Cana He went to Capernaum.

Verse 13. From Capernaum to Jerusalem.

The first purification of the temple. Verse 14-16.

Verse 18-22. The Jews wanted a sign. The Savior said “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.”

Verse 20. They did not understand.

Verse 21. Because he spoke of the temple of His body and also of the resurrection.

Verse 22. His disciples did not understand either but after His resurrection remembered His words.