John 19

Compare Verses 1-3 with Isaiah 53:5.

Consider also Verse 14 of Chapter 52. See from His head, His hands, His feet.

Pilates’ Dilemma

He scourged Jesus in the hope that it would satisfy the wrath of the Jews.

He found no fault in Him Verse 4, Verse 6. Sought to release Him Verse 12-19-38.

Behold the Man Verse 5. Behold the Lamb Chapter 1:29.

Ecce Homo. Ecce Deus. Behold your God.

Picture Him as He stood before His people.

Their reaction: Crucify Him.

Verse 9 Jesus gave him no answer. Isaiah 53:7

Verse 11 The greater sin. Pilate was ignorant. The Jews were not.

Verse 12 Pilate sought to release Him. Pilate’s wife’s dream.

Verse 15 Pilate’s last attempt to save Jesus. Pilate’s end.

The Crucifixion

Christ bearing His Cross to Calvary.

The actual crucifixion. Darkness—Cry—Rending of the evil. Earthquake. Centurion’s confession.

“They took His garments” Verse 23. Psalm 22:18

The devotion of the Mary’s Verse 25.

I thirst Verse 28. See Psalm 69:21.

Verse 31 Not a bone of Him shall be broken.

See Exodus 12:46 and Psalm 34:20.

They shall look on Him whom they pierced, Zechariah 12:10.

Verse 38 Secret disciples come forth.