Lesson 18—Romans 4:13-25

Faith Illustrated

Before we bid Abraham farewell, we will linger awhile and learn about justifying faith. He is the pattern man of faith, and his record has been written for our sakes.

Abraham’s Faith Overcame All Obstacles, vs……….

There were dark clouds that might have obscured Abraham’s faith, but he looked beyond them. Faith’s horizon is beyond all seeming difficulties. Against hope he believed in hope, for he had the word of God and that was quite enough.

Abraham’s Faith Was Strang in God, vs………

How strong Abraham’s faith was. Weak faith would have taken into consideration a “dead body” and a “barren womb.” Abraham believed God was greater than all circumstances. What mattered it that the fulfillment of God’s promise seemed impossible—with faith there are no impossibilities.

Abraham’s Faith Needed No Props to Lean On, vs…………..

Unlike the unstable doubter, James tells us of in his epistle, Abraham “staggered not” at the promise of God thru unbelief. His mind was stayed upon Jehovah and he was kept in perfect peace. When Dr. Paton was translating the New Testament into an island language, he found great difficulty in finding native words for “believe” and “faith.” While at work in his study one day, one of the native teachers came in, hot and tired from a long walk. He threw himself down on a cane chair, and putting his feet on another, used a word which meant “I am resting my whole weight here.” Instantly Dr. Paton had his word. To the natives of that island faith means the whole weight of the mind and heart resting on the Word of God.

Abraham’s faith glorified God, vs………..

Unbelief dishonors God; it casts a doubt upon His word; it calls into question His power. On the other hand, faith glorifies God, acknowledging Him to be what He is—the Almighty and Faithful God.

Abraham’s Faith Was Unwavering, vs.

He was “fully persuaded” and his persuasion rested on the faithful word of God and His all sufficiency. These are faith’s strongholds—What God is and what He says. Abraham allowed nothing to come between him and God.

Abraham’s Faith Is Recorded For Our Sakes, vs………

We have stood beside Abraham, we have looked, we have listened to the story of his faith. But all this is not merely that we might know something concerning Abraham but that we might be encouraged to have like faith and receive a like blessing with Abraham.

Abraham’s faith was in the God of resurrection and so is ours; for what Abraham believed God would do, we know He has done. Abraham believed God could raise the dead, “we believe that He raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead.”

Our Faith Rests In The Finished Work Of Christ vs………..

Death is the penalty of sin. Jesus was delivered as our Substitute.

But He who died as my Substitute, God has raised again from the dead. The Father delivered up His Son —that was to pay my debt. Then He raised Him from the dead—and that is our receipt. In the hands and side of the Lord Jesus are the wounds that tell us all is finished: payment has been made; the atoning work is done. God is satisfied and we are justified.

Mr. X was sent to prison with the alternative of a fine. His loving wife had no rest till she had secured the needed amount. Off to jail she went, laid the money on the sheriff’s desk, and very soon walked off with her husband, once more a free man. Suddenly she turned back and said to the officer, “You have forgotten the receipt, sir. I must have a receipt.” “There is your husband” said he, “he is your receipt.”

A living Saviour is the proof that full payment has been made for us. A risen Christ is the assurance that our sins are gone.


Why was it that Abraham against hope believed in hope?

What kind of a man in “James” is in contrast with Abraham? (Find the reference)

Find a promise in the first part of Isa. 26 that was true of Abraham.

What is faith? Give a simple answer in your own words.

Fill in blank references.