Lesson 1 - Romans 1:1-7 The Gospel of God

We are going- to travel through the book of Romans together. This book is really a letter, written by the apostle Paul to the Christians living long ago in the city of Rome.

“Paul a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God.”

Now that is what Paul is writing about—“The Gospel” —and this letter might well be called the gospel according to Paul. Twice in this book we read the expression “my gospel.” Matthew, Mark, Luke and John each wrote gospels, but they wrote mostly for sinners. One of them said,

“These are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name. John 21: vs……

Paul, however wrote his gospel for saints. In his gospel he tells believers the wonderful story of God’s salvation—how lost sinners are redeemed by blood and made the saints and servants of God.

Now we will stand together in the vestibule of this epistle and take a look at the things we will study together.

In verse one we are introduced to the writer who has three things to say about himself. First of all, he is a


of Jesus Christ. The word is really “slave.” Of course, he means that the Lord Jesus Christ had bought him with His precious blood—he was no longer his own. Then he tells us he is an apostle. That means a

Sent One

You remember how he was saved on the way to Damascus. He saw the Lord of glory and was told then that he must go to those still in darkness as the sent one of Jesus Christ. “Unto whom now I send thee.” (Acts ch….vs…). The third thing he tells about himself is that he is


unto the Gospel of God. That means that his entire life was devoted to the telling forth of the good news of God’s grace to sinners. God had called him to this one thing.

Before the apostle gives us the details about God’s salvation he tells us seven things about the gospel in the first seven verses of our chapter.

The Source Of The Gospel

It is the “gospel of God” (vs……….), and the heart of God is the source of the gospel. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” (Jno. ch……vs…). God Himself was the first Evangelist, for when Adam and Eve had sinned in the garden He hastened to tell them of a coming Deliverer.

The Promise Of The Gospel

Verse 2 tells us that all through the ages God was telling out the wonderful story of His love thru His chosen instruments, the prophets. like finger posts along the way, all the Old Testament writers pointed to Calvary where the promise was fulfilled.

The Theme Of The Gospel

It is all about one person, for it is “concerning His Son Jesus Christ” (vs………). First, He was the Son of David, so He was really a man. Second, He was also the Son of God, so He was really God. Third, He, the God-Man, died and rose again, so He is our Saviour; He has conquered death.

God’s Method Of Making The Gospel Known

Verse 4 tells us that the Risen Lord enabled and sent forth His chosen ones, who had gone to all nations.

The One Condition Of The Gospel

Those who believed the gospel and obeyed it were saved. They were called by His name, Christ’s Ones, or Christians.

The Results Of The Gospel

we find in verses 6 and 7. Sinners called thus by Jesus Christ were made saints, yea the beloved of God. How wonderful! Then lastly we have

The Blessing Of The Gospel,

even grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. The believers in Rome were amongst those who enjoyed the blessings of the gospel, and I trust all who read this paper are as well. If not, they may be.


    1. Fill in the references left blank.

    2. What is the great theme of the epistle to the Romans?

    3. What does Paul say in Romans 1:1-8 about those to whom he writes?

    4. What does Paul say about the gospel in these verses?