Peter J. Pell, Jr.

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These studies in the Epistle to the Romans were originally prepared as weekly Bible Class lessons for young believers, covering the period of one year. This accounts for the form they take and the questions which follow each of the fifty-two sections into which these studies are divided. The questions remain permanently useful, for the reader may use them to test his own grasp of the instruction given in each study.

It has been refreshing to read these studies, and it is a pleasure to heartily commend them as really helpful, and particularly useful as introductory to the teaching of the Epistle. A careful reading of this book should help the young believer to more intelligently follow up his study in the larger and more comprehensive commentaries on Romans.

The purpose in mind—that of giving in simple, brief, pointed treatment the outstanding features of this great doctrinal presentation of God’s gospel concerning His Son—has been well carried out, so that it is easy to lay hold of the general structure of the Epistle and also get an introduction to many of its important details. This is very necessary if there is to be firm establishment in what our salvation in Christ really means.

It is hoped that this book will have a wide circulation, and that it will stimulate, as indeed it should, those who read it to a deeper and fuller study of this important Epistle.

John Bloore