The Marks of a Spiritual, Mature Assembly

There are certain features that will be seen in a mature assembly.

1. A vigorous Gospel testimony

2. Practice believers baptism—practice Breaking of Bread

3. Have a scripturally based reception

4. Have a thriving assemble fellowship. Prayers.

5. Teach and practice sound doctrine, such as Inspiration of the Scriptures, Virgin Birth, Deity of Christ, the Atonement, Resurrection, Rapture

The total depravity of man, Hell as well as Heaven, New Birth, Eternal Security, Eternal Punishment, The Trinity, The personality of Satan.

Holy living should be taught. Salvation, Justification, Sanctification, Consecration.

Some features which should be seen in a spiritual Church. Acts 2:41-47.

They continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and breaking of bread, and in prayers…

V.43, “And fears came upon every soul.”

This is an Old Testament expression which means “reverential trust,” including the hatred of evil.

V.66, “All that believed were together.” There was unity of heart, accord, purpose.

V.47, “They were a happy people.” They praised God with gladness and singleness of heart.

V. 47, “The Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” The mark of the Spirit’s presence in any local church is seen in the application of “the apostles doctrine,” fellowship, worship, prayer, evangelism.

Then there are the side issues of “unity and joy.”

A spirit filled church is a biblical church—a caring church—a worshipping church—and a missionary church. These are the marks that believers of all ages are looking for in the contemporary church.

There are many today who are looking for a church which has

1. A biblical, authoritative ministry which is faithful to the Scripture and relevant to the modern world.

2. They are looking for a warm, loving, caring fellowship.

3. They are looking for a church which engages in a worship which expresses the reality of the living God and joyfully celebrates His mighty works through Christ.

4. They are looking for a church that has an outreach into the community that is bold, continuous and compassionate.

When the biblical and spiritual characteristics are absent, people are absent too. But when these are present, the people are present, because the Holy Spirit himself is there.

The role of the assembly in this modern world is an important one

1. It should give help “in a world of moral confusion.” Values-priorities-standards are in total disarray. The moral climate of our society is appalling. The assembly should be able to give authoritative and relevant teaching from the Word of God. Guidelines and answers to life’s questions should be provided.

2. It should also give help in a world of lonely, hurting people and to broken families split and torn asunder by this new morality. The assembly should provide a loving atmosphere. Should demonstrate the love of God. And show the warmth of the family of God.

3. The assembly should be a help in a world of self-centered and selfish people. It should demonstrate a God-centered attitude. Where believers of all ages and backgrounds can join together in the praise-adoration and worship of God in the beauty of holiness and in spirit and in truth.

4. The assembly should be of help in a world of tension, uncertainty, and hopelessness. We should call believers to prayer. We should encourage them to give God their burdens and concerns. They rejoice together as we see God act.

5. From this kind of local church where there is biblical teaching, true fellowship, sincere prayer, and adoring worship, there comes the spiritual fruit of evangelism.

Into a world of lost people, go the people of God sharing the Good News.

Not all assemblies are like this—this is God’s ideal. Some are struggling. Many have form but no life. Biblical order but no Biblical power.