Early Days in Scotland

Assembly—conversion—Dad’s death

War Clouds

R.A.M.E. Scotland—England—Wales—South Africa—India--Malaysia

Slaughter of civilians—Ambulance episode—Snake Incident

The fighting—Surrender 15th of February 1942

Confiscation of all medicine. Change of food, rations.

Hunger and disease. Malaria, denque, dissentary, mosquitos, bad bugs, lice, fleas.

All this with inadequate medical supplies made it impossible to take care of the wounded.

Japanese became more aggressive, terrible beatings—Anglo Indians, Airfield, tunnels.

Conditions were deteriorating fast—we were working from sun up to sun down. The Japanese were becoming more cruel.

Our health worsened. Loss of Weight.

Raw weeping scrotums—rough red tongues—weeping sores. Beri beri – vitaminosis—happy fat.

Capsule of death. 35 men in a box car—Describe the journey. Food, water.

Arrival in Bangkok. Transit Camp

Journey north 17 nights, stubbed toes—swollen ankles—wet—cold—hungry—exhausted. Meeting groups coming down from the north.

Tonshan South. The cost, etc.

Tropical ulcers, jungle sores, completely exhausted. Cruelty and punishment. Slave labor often 18 hours per day. Describe this. Two days.

Tragedy is not always death—some were blind—others were deaf—mentally deranged—loss of coordination.

Mud—conditions in the straw huts. We were pitiable—pathetic—miserable—wretched—scruffy-scurvy-wrecks of humanity. Witnessing for the Lord. Prayer, “I know Jesus.”

Describe Vomits on fare, don’t let me die, the great decisions, the Master is come, etc.

The Chinese Incident. Secret Radio—News

Raising the flag—lights out.

Arrival home—Mother’s prayers.

The appeal to believers—to unbelievers. The suffering of the Lord. Holman Hunt’s picture, “Jesus the Light of the World.” “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” etc.