Psalm 85:4-6; Habakkuk 3:1, 2; 2 Chronicles 7:14

How can revival come to an assembly?

How revival can come to an assembly.

We need revival—we need reviving.

We need the power of God to bring us to life and make us productive. An assemblies we need the Spirit’s power—Pentecostal power, to stir the dry bones and make them live. Generally speaking, we have the planet, machinery, and the potential, but we have little power.

We need the power of the Holy Spirit to work in us as the individuals and corporately, to release the potential among us.

What do we mean by revival?


To live again.

To return to a consciousness of life.

To become active and flourishing again.

To restore from a depressed, inactive, state—to bring back. To renew in mind and in spirit.


Spirit of submission—submission to the Word of God.

Archimedes said, “Give me a lever, and a place to rest it, and I will move the world.”

Five hundred years ago, a number of poor men were praying for liberty to read the Bible. On the spot where the prayer meetings were held stand the buildings of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

Dr. J Wilber Chapman was once asked the secret of his power. He replied, “I find that I have power just in proportion as my soul is saturated through and through with the Word of God.”

Revival Chapters Daniel 9, Ezra 9, Nehemiah 9

What do we mean by revival

To recover life and vigor.

To return to consciousness

It refers to anything that has life which slowly ebbs away sometimes even unto death, where there is no vitality, and then it revives.

The word revival when confirmed to believers refers to believers in a poor spiritual state who are brought back to vitality and power.

Nehemiah 9

Note the revival that took place following the reading of the Word of God.

As the people heard it they wept and mourned. They recognized how far short they had fallen from the standard God had set for them.

There can be no revival apart from a return to the Word of God.

We need to pay more attention to the teaching of the Word of God rather than to methods, sentiment, emotional appeals, and “highers” which is not necessarily a sign of revival.