The Collected Writings Of J. N. Darby, Evangelic No. 1, Volume 12

Edited By William Kelly
Reprint 1971
Bible Truth Publishers
239 Harrison Street, Oak Park, Ill. 60304
Printed in Germany

The first thirteen discourses were delivered without any thought of extending them beyond the immediate congregation to whom they were addressed. They were taken down by one of the congregation, and are now at the desire of a brother made public, with the permission, but without any revision of the preacher. Dublin, 1838. [The Editor would say here, once for all, that the contents of this volume in general being mere notes, he has taken the liberty of correcting the more obvious slips, most of which are perhaps due to such a means of transmission. The author is not justly responsible save for the substance, though no doubt the words are often his own; if he corrected, he would assuredly do so much more freely than another would feel free to do.]

Notes Of Sermons