A Few Suggestive Themes From H.A.I's Bible

Paul’s Prayers

    1. Prayer for knowledge. Eph. 1:17.

    2. Prayer for power. Eph. 3:14.

    3. Prayer of seven petitions. Col. 1:9-11.

    4. Prayer for keen perception and fruits of righteousness in the believer. Phil. 1:9-11.

That Blessed Hope—Titus 2:13.

A happy hope because—

· Christ Himself is to return.

· The first Resurrection and the living changed.

· The redemption of the body.

· The believer to be rewarded.

· The earth to be blessed.

The Women of the Apocalypse

· Four of them—representing corporate bodies of people. Jezebel—The papal system.

· Woman clothed with the sun—Israel invested with fullness of governmental authority.

· Babylon—the great harlot—The future corrupt church after the Lord’s return for His own.

· Bride of the Lamb—The Church glorified in heaven.
Salvation from first to last. Titus 3:7
Reformation not salvation. Judges 17, 18
The revelation of the rapture. 1 Thess.4.