Contents to Confirming Accuracy

Chapters 1-2   Archaeology’s Confirmation of the Old Testament (50 items)

Chapter 3        Other Old Testament Archaeological Finds
                        Old Testament Chronology (Patriarchs)

Chapter 4        Documentary Hypothesis
                        Rules for Copying the Old Testament

Chapter 5         Fulfillment of Zechariah Prophecies

Chapter 6        Pharaohs of Egypt
                        Four Generals of Alexander the Great (Greek Empire)
                        Assyrian, Persian, Babylonian Empires

Chapter 7        Other Biblical Prophecies – Part 1

Chapter 8        New Testament Archaeological Confirmation (14 items)

Chapter 9        New Testament Manuscripts
                        Period of Roman Emperors

Chapter 10      Messiah’s Descent through David’s Two Sons
                        Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled (55)
                        Messianic Prophecy Summary

Chapter 11      Rabbinic Quotations on Messiah
                        Objections by Jews as to Jesus Being Messiah and God

Chapter 12      Other Biblical Prophecies – Part II
                        Israel to End Times

Chapter 13      End-time Prophecies
                        Testimonies of Great Men
                        Notable Quotes from Unbelievers

Discussion questions for each chapter