Chapter 5: Fulfillment of Zechariah Prophecies

The fulfillment of Daniel 11:3-35 in the period of Seleucan-Ptolemaic conflicts following the death of Alexander the Great (vs. 3), that is between Egypt and Syria, was so detailed that anti-Biblical critics determined it must have been written afterward.   This is based on the theory of “ a pseudo Daniel” and a refusal to accept any account of miracles.   The historic details, mostly unknown to present believers, are as follows:


Vs. 5:   The Egyptian Ptolemies (“King of the South”) rose to power after Alexander’s death and division of his empire among his four generals (Cassander, Lysimachus, Seleucus, and Ptolemy); none descended from him (vs.4).


Vs. 6-7:   There was strife between the King of the North (Seleucus) and the King of the South (Ptolemy).   Ptolemy III attacked Seleucus Callinicus and plundered his land (vs. 8) before returning to his own land (vs. 9).


Vs. 10-19:   Opposition in Syria enraged them against Syria and brought them to fight the King of the North, but Seleucus’ sons resisted and defeated the Egyptians.   The Seleucan power will dominate Israel “the beautiful land” (vs. 16).   Then Antiochus III gave his daughter Cleopatra (not the queen of the Roman era) to Ptolemy V for alliance purposes.   She then sided with Egypt, and the Seleucids were temporarily defeated.


Vs. 20-28:   However, the Seleucid kingdom revived under the headship of Antiochus Epiphanes, the despicable person (vs. 21).   He would become notorious by persecuting the Jews and desecrating the HolyTemple by sacrificing a pig on the Sacred Altar.   This was the original “abomination of desolation” (Daniel 11:31-37; 12:11).   This was to be the precursor of the end-time “abomination of desolation” where again the Sacred Altar will be desecrated by the Antichrist (Mark 13:14).


Vs. 29-30: Then the Romans came to end the Seleucid power (“the ships of Kittim”) as Cyrus from which their forces were launched.


These historic events produced the attacks of anti-Biblical critics, suggesting that a “pseudo Daniel” wrote later.   They confirmed the omniscient, authoritative word of the Lord Jesus, affirming the belief in the historic Daniel (Mark 13:14; Matt. 24:15).   The theory is further rebutted by early Jewish orthodoxy who knew nothing of a “pseudo Daniel” and whose meticulous recording of Scripture would have prevented.   They believed that there was a curse on anyone who denied or tampered with the Holy Scriptures.   Nor is there the slightest inclination of how such a fraud could have been perpetrated upon a whole nation, obliterating the historic facts.  



Zechariah          Prophesied the Lord’s first coming, but mostly about His second coming.   From 14:9-21, the scriptures speak of the end-time coming.



8:5-13               I will return to Zion peace, prosperity.


9:9-10               First coming on a donkey.   Coming world dominion (2nd coming).


10:6-12             Regathering – multiplication in Israel.


11:12-13           Betrayal for 30 pieces of silver (1st coming).


12:2-9               Gathering around Jerusalem of attackers in last days when God will defend, destroy attackers (see 14:1-7).


12:10-22           Mourning over Messiah’s coming, finally realizing their long-time rejection.


13:1-4               Messiah’s theocratic reign, end of impurity, false prophecy.


13:7                  The shepherd smitten by God (interlude).


13:8-9               Refining of Israel.


14:1-7               The second coming of Messiah – Jerusalem encompassed (see 14:12-15).


14:8-11             Day when living waters flow out of Jerusalem during Messiah’s earthly reign.   No more curses.


14:12-15           Judgment on attacking armies.


14:16-19           Survivors and remnant believers worship the Lord as He reigns.


14:20-21           Holiness will prevail.