Preface of Confirming Accuracy book

It is with reluctance that I decided to provide biographical material concerning myself for this book.
  It was deemed necessary.
  I want Christ to be exalted, not me.


It is with great hope I submit the book, backed by hours of research, to believers everywhere.
  I am a servant of the church, meaning its people, not an organization.


The Lord, the prophets and apostles (Paul in particular) “reasoned” with people from the Holy Scriptures.
  I take the same path.


This book is written for several purposes:


      Confirm accuracy of both Old Testament and New Testament by references to archaeological finds, visual aids and quotations of evangelical authorities.


      List major prophetic fulfillments (Messianic, End Time, and other).


      List future, yet unfulfilled, prophecies.


      Establish conviction on the complete reliability and authority of the Word of God.


Isaiah speaks for God when he said, “Come, now, let us reason together” (Isa. 1:18).
  So do I in this book.
  May He be pleased to bless it and use it for His glory.