Discussion Questions for the book Confirming Accuracy

Chapter 1-2 Questions

Archaeological Confirmation of the Old Testament

Note the various ones in your Bible margin or side notes. Underline. Do so for each following section.

Week 1 – Questions

Review the first 23 (through Pharaoh Shishak). Select the three that either most impress you or bear most clearly on the Biblical record in your opinion. Say why you selected each.

Week 2 – Questions

Review Numbers 24-50 (Bethshemesh to Dead Sea Scrolls).

Select the three that either most impress you or bear most clearly on the Biblical record, in your opinion. Say why you selected them.

Chapter 3 Questions

Old Testament Patriarchal Chronology and “Other Finds” in the Old Testament

1. Review the chronology, noting the date set for Exodus and corroboration from secular history; also the sons of Noah. What stands out most in your mind as Biblically important and why?

2. Review the 10 “finds” and state which of these seems most significant in your opinion. Why?

Chapter 4 Questions

“The Documentary Hypothesis” and Jewish Rules for Copying the Old Testament. Review the contents of the documentary theory.

1. What briefly is the theory?

2. What is wrong with it, other than it contradicts Mosaic authorship?

3. What do the Rules for Copying the Old Testament tell you about the accuracy of the Old Testament text?

Chapter 5 Questions

“Fulfillment of Daniel and Zechariah Prophecies”

With Bible open to both Daniel 11:3-35 and Zechariah 8:5-14:21. Trace the two prophecies.

1. What does Daniel 11 teach and how does it influence the theory of a “pseudo Daniel,” writing later and using the prophet’s name?

2. What does Zechariah 4:1-21 predict about the end times?

Chapter 6 Questions

Review the notes on the Egyptian Pharaohs, the four Greek generals who succeeded Alexander, the Assyrian, Persian, and Babylonian Empires. (Short ancient history recap)

Write a brief note on each of the above Five World Empires as to their Biblical significance.

Chapter 7 Questions

Other Biblical prophecies and explanations – Part I

1. Select three of the eleven that seem most impressive to you and say why.

2. Of the other Old Testament archaeological finds (nine in all), which three seem most impressive to you and say why?

Chapter 8 Questions

“New Testament Archaeological Confirmations” (14 items) and “New Testament Manuscripts.”

1. Of the 14 items of confirmations, select the three most impressive to you and say why.

2. What evidence is there that the New Testament text is reliable? Name two evidences that are most convincing.

Chapter 9 Questions

“Period of the Roman Emperors”

Give two reasons:

1. Why should any believer care about the history of Roman emperors?

2. Which emperors coincide with Biblical statements?

3. What emperors most persecuted Christians until the time of Constantine?

Chapter 10 Questions

“Messianic Descent Through David’s Two Sons”

“Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled” (55 in all)

“Messianic Prophecy Summary”

Review each of the prophecies in the notes and mark them in your Bible margin, or underline, or both. Keep in a diary.

1. List the seven most clear and decisive to which you might point in Scripture and ask, “how can you explain these?”

2. Trace two genealogies through Solomon (Matthew 1:6) and Nathan (Luke 3:31). Compare them with “The Curse of Coniah” (Jeremiah 22:28-30) on Solomon’s line. Explain how Mary’s line through Nations necessitated the Virgin birth.

3. Go through the summary of Messianic prophecies. What are the key fulfillments in (1) His beginnings, (2) His names, (3) His offices, and (4) His death and Resurrection?

Chapter 11 Questions

“Rabbinic Quotations on Messiah” and “Objections to Jesus as Messiah by Jews”

1. Review the Rabbinic quotations. List the three cleanest identifications which might convince an unbelieving Jew.

2. There are eight major objections by Jews to Jesus being the Messiah. Select the three most difficult to answer and then write your answers.

Chapter 12 Questions

“Other Biblical Prophecies” – Part II

These prophecies involve Israel, Europe, the Revived Roman Empire, Russia, the Atomic Age with both Old Testament and New Testament texts, which seem to point to use of explosive atomic power.

1. As to Israel, list the key prophetic futures pertaining to the unique people.

2. As to Europe, how do you see development today as pointing to a coming united Europe, for the first time in all history?

3. As to Russia, note the link with “Gog and Magog” as to location, thus its end time designation as “King of the North.”

4. As to the Atomic Age, what developments point to the fulfillment of such verses as Ezekiel 20:47-48 and II Peter 3:2-11? In your explanation line up with phrases in those texts.

Chapter 13 Questions

“End Time Prophecies” and “Fulfillments,” “Testimonies of Great Men”

1. Review the seven end-time prophecies of Matthew 24 and the sequence in Revelation 6:2-8. How do you see them being fulfilled in preliminary form today?

2. Comment briefly on fulfillments in Christendom, “The Days of Noah,” repeated, “The Rebuilt Temple” (planned now by some Jews, the USA).

3. Select the three most impressive testimonies of great men and say why they impressed you.