Form A: Evaluation of Speakers



Text Selection (circle where applicable)


            Apt, on point, clear, brief, well read


            Note any areas of suggested improvement.




Posture and Movement When Speaking (circle applicable)


            Standing in a balanced way, not rushing, moving away from the pulpit to both sides in a purposeful way, maintaining

eye contact with a variety of people throughout the audience, not looking constantly at text or notes, not losing eye contact while speaking, maintaining good volume, using pauses, especially after key points or questions.




Introduction (circle applicable)


            Strong opening statement.

  Don’t waste time on generalities.

  Keeping it brief, using key phrase from text.

  Go immediately to the main outline.




Main Outline (circle applicable)


            Stay within the allotted time.

  Limited outline points and avoid rushing because of too much material you failed to cover.

  Outline points



progressive, paralleling in style (questions, phrases, sentences).


Definitions at every step done initially.


Illustrate often to illuminate the ideas.

  Challenge thinking.


  Move to climax.




Conclusion (circle applicable)


            Brief, compelling, stating the action

they need to take since God commanded it.

  No recapitulations or new points.

  Strong closing statement.




Delivery (circle applicable)


Compelling, adequate volume, speaking as “oracles of God,” using

pauses often, including

long pauses at significant times; no major distractions (state any you notice).


Summary of major encouragements and suggestions.