Outline of 1 Timothy

Churches increased in number. Order – soundness of faith – discipline – the apostles had regulated this as the end of apostolic approach. It was necessary to write instructions. We must know how to behave or conduct ourselves in the house of God.

This Epistle was written that Timothy would know what was expected of the local church, also, see Ch 3:15.

What is the local church?

“A local church or assembly is a group of believers of the Lord Jesus Christ who assemble themselves regularly in His name for the purpose of fellowship, breaking of bread, worship, praise, prayer, testimony, ministry of the word, discipline, and preaching of the Gospel. Such a church exists where two or three gather together. Every such local church has Christ in its midst, is a temple of God, and controlled by the Holy Spirit. When mature in Christ every local church consists of Saints – bishops or elders – and deacons.” Phil 1:1

Ch 2-3 The Assembly and its conduct

1. Concerning order – the men in public prayer 2:1-8; the women in public demeaner 2:9-15

2. Concerning office – qualifications of elders; qualifications of deacons.

The servant and his conduct

1. To the assembly in general Ch 4 – a “good minister” in faithful teaching (1-11); a “good minister” in exemplary living (12-16)

2. Toward particular classes Ch 5-6 – older and younger (v. 1-2), widows (3-16), elders (17-25), servants (6:1-8), Rich (9-19)

The charge v. 20 – O Timothy, guard the deposit which is committed to your trust.

Ch. 1 The imperative need for Sound Doctrine – legalism – unsound doctrine

Ch 2 The nature and order of Public Prayer

Ch 3 The necessary qualifications for Spiritual Oversight

Ch 4-5 The Christian Workers Spiritual Duties

Key Verse Ch 3:15

Chapter 1

General exhortations

v. 5 1) Love out of a pure heart, John 13:34; 2) and of a good conscience; 3) and of faith unfeigned.

v. 15 The great Gospel affirmation

v. 17 The worship of a redeemed heart. Amen.

v. 18 The Charge: Hold faith – hold a good conscience

Ch 6:20 O Timothy, guard the deposit which is committed to your trust.

Chapter 2

The place of prayer in Assembly activities.

v. 2 The content of our prayers. Kings = all in authority

v. 4 The extent of our prayers. All men

v. 8 Men praying – lifting up holy hands – without anger or quarreling

v. 9-12 The conduct of spiritual sisters. Consider 1 Cor 11 – head covering

Chapter 3

Qualifications of elders (1-7) Acts 20-28

Family life – Personal life (Titus 1) – Public life

Spiritual belief

Qualifications of deacons (8-13)

Note v. 13 in this respect. Compare with Acts 6:3

Chapter 4

v. 12 Let no man despise thy youth.

v. 13 Give attendance to reading – exhortation – doctrine

v. 14 Neglect not the gift that is in thee. Stir up the gift that is in thee. 2 Tim 1:6

Stir up the gift that is in thee 2 Tim 1:6

Chapter 5

Rebuke not an elder

v. 19 Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.

v. 20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others may also fear.

v. 22 Lay hands suddenly on no man. See Acts 13:1-4

Ch 3:6 Not a novice, etc.

Chapter 6

v. 6 Godliness with contentment

v. 10 The sin of “love of money”

v. 11-12 Instructions for the “Man of God”. Flee – Follow – Fight

v. 15-16 The expressions of worship of an adoring soul.