From the Editor's Notebook: New Year's Resolutions

MIF 3:1 (Jan-Feb 1971)


W. Ross Rainey

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year when New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, or could it be that one or two you made are already on the sick list? Since many of us do try and take some serious self-inventory at the beginning of each year, it would be well to consider a few “I wills” or resolutions of the Psalmist in Psalm 116, though I am not suggesting that he made these at the start of a New Year. However, what he says is pertinent to our thoughts along this line, and this, in five different areas.

    1. There is the resolution of prayer (vv. 2, 13, 17). The Psalmist makes much of calling on God (see also v. 4), and so should we! In 1971 we can do nothing better than resolve to pray more.

    2. There is the resolution of testimony (v. 9). Let’s remember that “an ounce of walk is worth a ton of talk.”

    3. There is the resolution of appropriation (v. 13). At best each of us knows only a tiny fraction of the truth that there is to know, so a whole year is before us wherein we may appropriate more of God’s revealed truth in Christ through His Word.

    4. There is the resolution of performance (vv. 14, 18). Are we just doodling around or really doing the will of God for our lives?

    5. Finally, there is the resolution of thanksgiving (v. 17). One of the characteristics of the “last days” is unthankfulness (2 Tim. 3:2). Thankfulness should be one of the hallmarks of every true believer in Christ, and as W. H. Griffith Thomas has said: “Thanksgiving will inevitably result in thanksliving.”

By the way, did you read Psalm 116 and look up the specific verses? That would be a good resolution to make and carry out right now!