Outline Of The Book Of Acts

I. The Ministry Of The Apostle Peter

    A. The Gospel Is Confined To The Jews (1:1—7:60)

    B. The Gospel Is Taken To The Gentiles (8:1—12:25)

      1. The Samaritans And The Ethiopian Hear The Word (8:1-40)

      2. Paul, The Apostle To The Gentiles, Is Converted (9:1-31)

      3. Peter Performs Miracles In Lydda And Joppa (9:32-43)

      4. Cornelius, A Roman centurion, Becomes A Believer (10:1—11:18)

      5. Christ Is Preached In Syrian Antioch (11:19-30)

      6. Herod Imprisons Peter (12:1-25)

II. The Ministry Of The Apostle Paul (13:1—28:31)

    A. His Three Great Missionary Journeys (13:1-—21:40)

    B. His Testimony From Jerusalem To Rome (22:1—28:31)