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Remember them that had the rule over you, which spake unto you the word of God: and considering the issue of their life imitate their faith. (Hebrews 13:7, R.V.) .


Although Mr. McClure did not keep a journal, written accounts of some incidents, found among his personal effects, seem to indicate that he expected something to be written about his life and service for the Lord. These bits of information have been added to that received from other reliables sources as well as from the author’s knowledge gained from many years of personal acquaintance with him.

Wholly conscious of his inability to do justice to our departed brother, the author has attempted to keep Mr. McClure’s life and labors before the reader, who, he trusts, will bear with any errors that may be found in this volume.

He desires to acknowledge his indebtedness to a number of the Lord’s people who have helped in research work and contributed articles. He feels especially indebted to Dr. H. A. Cameron, who has given much of his valuable time to the careful reading of manuscripts and friendly criticism of the work.

This volume is humbly presented to the readers with the earnest prayer that God may bless them in the reading of it.

J. T. Dickson

God is now pleased to set apart
Those vessels fashioned by His art
His wisdom, to declare;
And pleased to make the Gospel story
Bring many sons to Him in glory,
Who shall Christ’s image bear.

—W. J. McClure