From The Editor’s Note Book: The Annual Meeting, 1979

MIF 11:1 (Jan-Feb 1979)

From The Editor’s Note Book

W. Ross Rainey

The Annual Meeting

On November 4th, 1978, the Annual Meeting of Food for the Flock, Inc., was held in Toronto. Of the many matters discussed, ways in which costs can be cut were high on the list. We are also in the process of consolidating our renewal of subscriptions with a view to handling all of them within the last two months or so of each year. This will make things considerably easier for Mrs. Harry Masters who, among other things, so graciously implements this important matter.

Like other similar publications, we continue to face the spiraling costs of printing and mailing in these inflationary times, this being the primary reason for our attempts to discreetly cut costs wherever possible. The single subscription price of six issues per year will remain at $4.00.

It was the unanimous decision of the committee to forge ahead for another year, and this, in dependence upon our faithful God for His continued supply of all needs, both spiritual and material, As our associate editor, Mr. James Gunn, pointed out, there never has been a year in the entire history of the magazine but what there were financial difficulties. Yet our Lord has always provided throughout 24 years of continuous publication.

For the current year no changes were made within the structure of the Board, the responsibility of publication being voluntarily shared by the following officers:

President: Russell Took

1st Vice-President: Sydney H. Green

2nd Vice-President: Dr. James T. Naismith

Secretary: Miss Lillian Telfer

Treasurer: Harry Masters

Editor: W. Ross Rainey

Associate Editor: James Gunn

We are delighted to announce that four new members have been welcomed and added to the committee. They are as follows:

Mr. William Burnett of Burlington, Ontario

Mr. Ray Fox of Halifax, N.S.

Mr. Douglas Telfer of Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Jay Walden of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Three of our four new committee members were with us for the meeting, Mr. Ray Fox having been unable to attend because of a previous commitment.

It was with a note of sadness that we began the 1978 Annual Meeting, Mr. James Gunn having called attention to the absence of our esteemed brother, Mr. Ormer G. C. Sprunt. Brother Sprunt was the original sponsor of Food for the Flock and had not missed an Annual Meeting of the Corporation (see the Sept-Oct. 1978 issue of Focus for “A Tribute to the Late Ormer Sprunt”).

From time to time the editor receives various criticisms relative to the magazine and these are always welcome when extended in a courteous manner. In fact, I have found some of them quite helpful and thought provoking (not just provoking!). But we also receive words of encouragement, and I have been urged to share one of these with you. Though written by a loved one now serving Christ in South Africa (I refer to Leslie S. Rainey, the editor’s uncle), I knew nothing about them until they were read by one of our new members at the Annual Meeting. They are as follows:

“For years, whether at home or abroad with the Word of Life, there is one Book that has always been the stay and staff of my soul. It is the Bible. There is no book like the Bible. It lies close to my hand in all my work and witness. I never go anywhere without it and daily it proves to be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Thank God for a magazine like Focus that is dedicated to the faithful exposition of the Word of God. I recommend it to the whole household of faith as a means under God for growth, guidance and godliness. I am sure as you read Focus it will feed and fortify faith, and you will find something to encourage and edify in this sound and splendid publication.”

Just a reminder that all matters of an editorial nature should be sent to the Editor, 9257 Caprice Drive, Plymouth, Michigan, 48170. All business correspondence should be directed to the Treasurer, Box 353, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9C 4V3. Any and all questions for “The Question Column” should be sent to Dr. James T. Naismith, 1121 Hilltop Street, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 5S6.

New Year’s Reminders

For the past year the editor has had two timely New Year’s reminders under the glass which covers my study desk. One is from the pen of A. B. Simpson in the form of a brief poetic prayer:

Lord, I ask for a busy year,
Filled up with service true,
Doing with all Thy Spirit’s might
All that I find to do.

The other pertinent reminder is from the “Choice Gleanings” Calendar, the anonymous comments and lines of poetry captioned by the words of Psalm 103:14: “For He knoweth our frame; He remembered that we are dust.” Here they are:

“Our age, sex, temperament, time of life, circumstances, measure of intelligence, special needs, fears, hopes, desires, and possibilities are all known to Him. Since His compassions fail not; and His consolations are not small; we may gird up the loins of our minds and run the race which is set before us cheerfully and hopefully, looking off unto Jesus the Author and Completer of … faith.”

I know not, but God knows; O
blessed rest from fear!
All my unfolding days to
Him are plain and clear.
Each anxious, puzzled “Why?” from
doubt and fear that grows
Finds answer in this thought,
I know not but He knows.

Obviously, there is no need to remove these practical reminders from under the glass since they are perennial in their timely expressions of prayerful request and instructive counsel both for me and for all of God’s people. Thus I thought it would be good to share them with you.

As editor I would like to take this opportunity to prayerfully wish you all a truly joyous and prosperous New Year in the Lord, as well as to thank you for being a part of our reader family.