Gethsemane To Galilee

Edwin G. Spahr


© 1977 by O.M.F. Publishers
1361 Romuaidez St., Paco, Manila
Republic of the Philippines


For almost three decades one of the best known and best loved Evangelical preachers in the city of Manila was Dr. Edwin G. Spahr. His Sunday morning message at Grace Bible Church not only inspired and thrilled the many who gathered but sent them out to live and witness for Christ who was always given the pre-eminence. Dr. Spahr was co-founder and co-principal of Grace Christian High School which now has a student population of over 4,000. This progressive Christian school and three “Grace” churches flourish today due in no small measure to the life and influence of Ed & Helen Spahr as they were commonly known to their associates.

In response to our request Dr. Spahr finally committed to writing these inspiring messages. We trust that having now put his hand to the pen (not plough in this case) that he will not turn back for there is much more in the mind and heart of this beloved man of God which if written could bless the Church of Christ in Asia for many decades to come.

Alfred Johnston