Isaiah 12 When God's Anointed Takes Over (Part Two)

There will be great joy when God’s Anointed takes over and the remant return to Zion. Isaiah 12 gives us the song of triumph that will rise exultantly from the hearts of the redeemed of the Lord, as in the days when the people sang on the shore of the Red Sea after all their enemies had been destroyed.

It is a blessed and precious experience when the heart is fixed on the Lord Himself and the soul realizes the gladness of reconciliation to the One against whom he has sinned. Then with joy he is able to say, “Though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me.”

It means much to know God as the One through whom deliverance has been wrought and who is Himself “salvation.” Such knowledge is the end of all worry and anxiety. And so we hear the remnant saying, “I will trust, and not be afraid.” Faith is the antidote to fear. As we learn to look to God in confidence, all anxiety disappears, for we know that He who saved us will stand between us and every foe. He does not leave His people to fight their battles in their own power; He is the strength of all who rest on His Word.

The self-righteous Jew, seeking to save himself by his own efforts, has long spurned the wells of salvation. But from that well the returned remnant will draw the water of life as they call on His name and bear witness before all the world to the salvation He has provided.

The exultant song in Isaiah 12 is a psalm and it ends with a call to praise and adore the God of Israel, who will dwell in the midst of His redeemed people in that day when His glory “is known in all the earth.” Even now those who come to Him in faith can make this song their own as they know the reality of His saving grace.