Daniel 6

In this chapter we are on the ground of the second world empire, the Medo-Persian.

This empire is represented in the dream of Neb. by the chest and arms of silver.

Daniel is seen in this chapter occupying the highest position in the empire.

Darius had heard of the wisdom of Daniel and had given him a position of honor.

The old prophet, over 80 years of age, is soon envied by the other presidents and princes.

They look unsuccessfully for a flaw in his administration regarding the empire’s affairs. v. 4

So they resort to attack him in the matter of his religion.

The plan reveals the cunning of the Serpent. See v. 5-9.

The king is well pleased with this proposition for it flatters him. He signs the decree which made it law and it could not be withdrawn.

Notice Daniel’s attitude, v. 10. He knew the decree was signed.

1. See the man of faith, the aged man of prayer in sweet communion with God.

2. Three times a day, upon his knees.

3. Windows open …

4. In a voice that could be heard, he communed with his God.

Brethren and sisters, prayer is the highest activity of which the human spirit is capable. Luke 11 “Lord teach us to pray.”

Wm. Gladstone – “Prayer is the highest exercise of the human intellect.”

Rabbi Burns: “Prayer is a correspondence fixed with heaven.”

President Eisenhower: Addressing a large group of students said, “Prayer is still the highest force in the world, and when used by dedicated men and women, nothing in this would is impossible.”

Prayer can be a working force in a believer’s life.

Prayer is a dynamic rather than a doctrine.

All great men of God have been men of prayer.

If this simple yet profound spiritual exercise was practiced by believers there would be fewer marital and family problems.

Fewer lean years and desert experiences.

Fewer spiritual dwarfs – fewer human wrecks on the rocks of time.

Beloved, nearly all of our trouble can be traced to our negligence in prayer.

Prayers should be the Pilot … Pivot … Perimeter … Source … Center … Circumference of our lives.

Men and women of God in every age have stormed the battlements of heaven with unshakable confidence.

The evidence of these spiritual victories stand all around.

Shall we in our generation do less?

Daniel is cast into the den of lions, v. 16.

Despite his efforts, the King could not deliver Daniel.

When Daniel is thrown to the lions a stone is laid upon the mouth and it is sealed with the Kings’ signet.

He is strictly speaking in a grave.

This brings to our attention another tomb in the garden, Christ’s tomb … the stone was placed before it and it was sealed, etc. But as Daniel could not be hurt by the lions, so he who went into the jaws of death could not be held by it.

The tomb is empty and Christ is victor over death and the grave. All this is foreseen in the experience of God’s prophet, Daniel.

God rewarded Daniel’s prayer of faith. God closed the lion’s mouth.

The King was upset … ran to the den early in the morning, see v. 19-20.

Daniel’s reply, verses 21-22. “Because he believed his God.”