Outline of 2 Timothy

Dear Brother:

Just a note with regard to the coming Conference of brethren at Guelph and your participation in it. The following outline is based upon some suggestions made by the committee and is merely intended as a guide in assisting each of you brethren in your respective responsibilities. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential in our endeavors to se that the wide variety of need is met (as only our God can) and we will be in prayer for and with you that this may be especially so in 1984.

The man of God and his resources ch. 1:

    v. 1. Grace, mercy and peace.

    3. The prayers of others.

    5. Genuine faith.

    6. A gift from God.

    7. A sound mind.

    8. The testimony of the Lord. God’s power seen in affliction.

    13. What he has been taught.

    14. The indwelling Spirit of God.

The Man of God and his responsibilities. Ch. 2:

    v. 1 & 2 Son – be strong – be diligent to – remember Paul’s teaching – select faithful men – pass it on.

    3 & 4 Soldier – endurance, separation, dedication.

    5 Athlete – obey rules.

    6 Farmer – toil and reap.

    15 Workman – competent – diligent.

    21 Vessel – clean, set apart, prepared for use.

    24 Servant – gentle, skilled in teaching, patient.

The man of God – His surroundings and safeguards ch. 3:

    v. 1. Difficult times.

    2-4. Ungodly men.

    5. False professors.

    12. Persecution.

    13. Worsening conditions

His Safeguards:

    10. Example of a Godly leader.

    14-15. A good home.

    16-17. The Holy Scriptures.

The man of God and his service ch. 4:

    v. 1. The Lord will be his judge.

    2. Preach the word – always ready – reprove – rebuke – exhort.

    5. Watch (sober alertness) – endure – tell out – be thorough in service.

    9-13. Be useful to fellow workers.

    15. Watch out for evil doers.

May God’s richest blessing be yours as you prepare,

Bill Coffey