2 Corinthians 7

Paul loved the Corinthian church. He spent 18 months there. They were his children. He appreciated this love and confidence in the part and felt keenly this rejection of him.

V. 2-“Receive us” or “make room for us,” he writes. “There is no reason for rejecting me for I have not wronged, cheated, or harmed any of you at any time.” Paul’s life.

He urges them to get rid of their petty peevishness.

V. 3-In saying this, I am not finding fault with you, because you are in my heart and nothing in death or life can separate us.

V. 4-I have confidence in you that you will receive me wholeheartedly, and I tell everyone about it. This encourages me in my trouble and my heart overflows with joy.

These verses are really a revelation of Paul’s heart.

Read verses 5-7.

2:12-13—He came to Troas...he felt a door had been opened. He also arranged to meet Titus there. He was anxious to hear firsthand the effects of his first letter on the church. When Titus failed to appear, Paul was so distraught that he left Troas and went to Macedonia. This must have been a painful decision, but news from Corinth was of more importance to him at this time than preaching the Gospel in Troas.

Consider Paul’s hour of darkness. Think of his disappointment, apprehensiveness, the physical sickness which afflicted him at this time. It was a critical period in Paul’s life. Corinth was in revolt against him. Galatia was following another Gospel. He had just escaped with his life from Ephesus.

V. 5-Consider this period of his life. Quote.

These expressions help us to see the mental distress, the physical weakness of Paul, as he waited, not knowing whether death or Titus would reach him first.

V. 6-Praise God, Titus did and he was greatly comforted.

V. 7-He also rejoiced in the report which Titus brought regarding the effects of his first letter upon the church.

V. 8-9-Paul says that he did not regret sending the letter which caused them much sorrow, because they repented, and began to set their house in order.

V. 10-Godly sorrow brings salvation—deliverance from evil.

V. 11-It brought earnestness…eagerness to cleanse themselves from guilt…it made them angry and apprehensive of the sin…it gave them a desire for Paul’s presence among them…it gave them zeal to discipline when necessary. You have cleansed yourselves from every stain of sin in this matter.

V. 12-Paul is saying here that he did not write the letter on account of the offender nor for the sake of the injured party, but rather to show them in the sight of God how much they really cared for him.

V. 13-Because of all this Paul was comforted and was overjoyed. In addition to this he also rejoiced in the joy that Titus had, because his spirit had been refreshed by them.

V. 14-16-Paul evidently had talked very highly of the Corinthian church to Titus. Titus was not disappointed in what he saw and experienced in Corinth. He was thrilled by their submissiveness and by the welcome given to him.

This made Paul happy…gave him courage…and renewed his confidence in them.