Christ Is Indivisible And Impeccable

Usually people who say that Christ could have sinned claim that it was only in His humanity that He could have sinned, since in His deity He is impeccable. Of course it is true that Christ is impeccable in His deity? the error is in assuming that Christ’s overall decisions as the perfect God/Man could be dominated and overruled by a peccable human nature. People who make such claims forget that a nature can never sin: only a person can sin. Christ was not (and is not) two persons in one body? instead, Christ was (and is) one perfect Person with two perfect natures—a divine nature with all the infinite attributes of perfect deity, and a human nature with all the attributes of perfect humanity. A loosely connected, two-person Christ in which one person could have sinned without the consent of the other is a warped monstrosity that exists only in the minds of certain people. We need to be reminded once again of Christ’s own personal claim of impeccable holiness in John 9:5:

While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.