2 Kings 2:2. Bethel (Genesis 28, especially verse 15) where God promises to preserve Jacob, type of Israel, wherever he went, to bring him back, and not to leave him until the promises were fulfilled which he had made before. This name, Bethel, plays a great part in the word of God, as recalling the eternal care of God for His people. Here Elijah is type of the man Christ, who enters into the midst of the people, and identifies Himself with them, starting from the principles proclaimed at Bethel.

Verse 4. Jericho recalls the most complete curse. It was where Christ goes after His identification with the people.

Verse 6. Jordan is death.

Verse 8. The power of death, which falls at the touch of the power of Christ.

Verse 9. After the victory Christ can distribute gifts.

Verse 10. If one can see Him far beyond death, He can give everything.

Verse 14 and following. Elisha is the character of Christ after His resurrection.

Verse 22. He returns to Jericho, and destroys the effects of the curse, and brings in blessing instead of it.

Verse 23. He returns to Bethel—full realization of the promises made to Israel; but He exercises judgment.

Verse 25. Then he goes to Carmel, the garden of God— millennial rest. Then one finds Elisha exercising the power of the age to come. The miracles are for the profit of the people of God.